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По умолчанию Western Union Money Transfer Services 2017

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По умолчанию Western Union Money Transfer Services 2017

Do you think youll ever be able to transfer money straight into bank account using Western Union like you can in Thai, Viet, Indo, etc?
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По умолчанию Western Union Money Transfer Services 2017

Hi all. Ok quick question, im going to western union my LO at Menard money today. I've never done it before. I know that under comp. Biller ifo i put ILDOC and that under account # i put my LO's ID number and last name with no space. But is there anything else i need to know? Im just not sure what else their gonna want me to fill out in that form.
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По умолчанию Western Union Money Transfer Services 2017

If you send it to the lawrenceville option on there it will go to pennsylvania. I know because this happened to me the first time family sent me money when I was in lawrence. You need the persons name, doc number, and some other info I cant remember. You should be able to call western union and they can walk you through it, thats what my family did the first time they sent money to me. I hope this helps.
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По умолчанию

Добрый вечер.
Часто посещаю этот сайт.
Спасибо создателей сайта за интересный контент.
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По умолчанию Western Union Money Transfer Services 2017

Sending Western Union to Lawrence Correctional using online service question -

When I go to the Western Union website and check on Inmate Account, all I find on the list is LawrenceVILLE Correctional; and if I try to put his number in either name field on the "send money" form; it won't accept it with a number in any of the name fields.

Is Lawrenceville actually Lawrence Correctional?

I don't want to just send money out into cyberspace.
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