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Стрелка Dumps+Pin available , CVV FULL 95%+ quality ( US CA UK EU ) good balance

Hello All Buyers Worldwide ... !!!
- I'm a real hacker businessman
- I have about 5 years in business
- I am a proven on one of the largest boutiques on the Internet
- I can always give advice if you need one
- For me, you can always negotiate
- I always try to get in the position and understand the customer
- I have sold to many customers worldwide and has created reputation for them.
- I have a replacement policy for bad cvv. All my cvv be tested before sale.
- Prestige, quality and safety, it is my business.
- I Payment methods BTC(Bitcoin) ( no min), WU(Western Union),money gram( MG) MIN $100

- ICQ support: 640974295 ( online 24/24 )
- gmail support : kizbrack@gmail.com ( online 24/24 )
- skype support: kizbrack@gmail.com

------------ My Price CVV ------------
- Please do not ask me why the high price here, because it goes hand in hand with the quality 90%+

- US (Visa,Master,Amex,Dis) = $10/1per
- UK (Visa,Master,Amex,Dis) = $20/1per
- CA (Visa,Master,Amex,Dis) = $20/1per
- AU (Visa,Master,Amex,Dis) = $25/1per

------------ dumps i have usa au ca uk eu ------------

------------ USA 101, 201 ------------
Classic / Standart $15
Gold / Premier $25
Business / Signature / PLATINUM $25
World / Purchasing / Fleet $25
Amex / Discover Card ALL $25
- ALL OTHER EU AU UK CA DUMPS price is depending on the quality

-----------DUMPS WITH PIN----------
- Tracks 1&2+PIN US = 60$ per 1
- Tracks 1&2+PIN UK = 70$ per 1
- Tracks 1&2+PIN CA + AU = 70$ per 1
- Tracks 1&2+PIN EU = 80$ per 1

- some demo track 1 &2 usa

track 1 & 2: 4815830019495982=1908201000000000827|180000%B48158 30019495982^MEHTA/SUDHA^1908201000000000827000270000000
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track 1 & 2: 5466576001862155=190120128063143|6001862155^SUK/MICHAEL^19012012806300143000000
track 2: 4207670159766370=20032010000002100000
track 2: 4207670147614831=18102010000024700000
track 2: 4207670154120490=19022010000042500000
track 2: 5175451897957273=210720104936216?||Ohio|Columbus [20FEB17]|
track 2: 5175461890513734=211020107645543?||Ohio|Columbus [20FEB17]|
track 2: 4207670159766370=20032010000002100000||Maryland|21 402, Annapolis|
track 2: 4207670147614831=18102010000024700000||Maryland|21 207, Gwynn Oak|


> WU Transfer 2000$ = 150$ ( MIN )
> WU Transfer 4000$ = 300$
> WU Transfer 6000$ = 500$
> WU Transfer 8000$ = 600$
> WU Transfer 10000$ = 800$
> and more ... more ....

- Give me your WU info and payment me fee.
- Then i running software and done transfer for you.
- After about 20 mins you'll have MTCN and sender name + country sender to cash money.
- You make payment then send me payment info and your WU details (First name + Last name + Country + City)
- If I check you have sent money I will make transfers for you immediately
- After transfers completed, about 20 mins you will get code MTCN + Sender's details to pick up, it is very easy cash money
- You can to pick up at all Western office in 96 hours
- I hope all must to read clearly before contact me ...OK !!!
- Please don't ask me about transfer with small amount .
**All info about transfer let's contact through

- ICQ support: 640974295 ( online 24/24 )
- gmail support : kizbrack@gmail.com ( online 24/24 )
- skype support: kizbrack@gmail.com

- Thank you for read !
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По умолчанию oiwmreijipehxeb

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По умолчанию Znview 985th3h 98ut32 jt84ht48h9r8h4 95

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Добавлено через 10 минут
Nfushfuw jfewfw bjhwbefiw jwbrfqiwq wqiurhqwi
vbhwesfui 89532475290 hifhweofj3t9gfr3j9ugh hg84htw9

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По умолчанию Социальные Закладки

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